Pushover is a service to get pager messages as notifications on your mobile phone or computer. It is not an official CFS service and is not intended to be a pager replacement.

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Links to Subscribe to Distribution Groups
Sturt Group Response https://pushover.net/subscribe/SturtCFSresponse-7U3xTQo2C77ckYh
Sturt Group Info, R1 Info & R1 Weather Drop https://pushover.net/subscribe/SturtCFSinfo-HH1Gcm6731VKjHN
Belair Response and Info https://pushover.net/subscribe/BelairCFSpagers-R6AzKuQ4ZbaDXpN
Coromandel Valley Response and Info https://pushover.net/subscribe/CoroValleyCFSpagers-3XJxTSzS5ZYkcSM
Blackwood Response and Info https://pushover.net/subscribe/BlackwoodCFSpagers-VtoMeLAuLDHQLDY